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Business Consulting in Japan

We will be able to introduce you to our partnering companies we regularly work with, covering the following areas:

  • Introducing Accounting, Social Security & Trademark Specialists
  • Market Entry & Business Consulting Services
  • Logistic Support for Import and Sales of Alcohol for Your Own Test Marketing Purpose
  • Executive Search & Recruitment Consulting
  • Real Estate Services & Consulting

Accounting, Social Security, Trademark

We can introduce various English speaking professionals specialized in accounting, social security or trademark registration that we trust and have successfully worked with for many years. We can also assist you with choosing the right bank and with bilingual banking services, we help with understanding the differences and challenges foreigners face working with or choosing Japanese Banks.

Market Entry & Business Consulting Services

We often see people or companies who have a great service, idea, product or concept and ask us to incorporate their company, but often the planning of what to do after the incorporation is finished is not well thought out.

We can introduce you consulting companies that can create a roadmap and strategic marketing plan for what your company needs to be doing and who you should be working or partnering with, or where you should be selling your products or services.

Having a great strategy planned for your company gives you guidance and assurance that no matter what challenges you face in Japan, you have a clear goal and you know what you need to achieve, and when.

Logistic Support for Import and Sales of Alcohol for Your Own Test Marketing Purpose

As we have a license to trade in imported Alcohol, we can help you do test marketing for your products here in Japan. This offers a huge saving in time, money and paperwork, so you can see if your products have potential in Japan, without spending a lot of money.

We can arrange logistics and warehouse assistance and when you are ready we can help you set up your company and obtain all the necessary licenses and pass the regulations smoothly.

Executive Search & Recruitment Consulting

As a licensed recruiting company in Japan, we can help you find, hire and keep the best personnel and management staff you need to grow your company.

We offer a range of Executive Search and Recruiting services based on your needs, from finding a country manager to offering consulting advice on how to use social media and networking to attract the best people.

We can work on a success basis, on a retained basis or simply just given you advice on what’s the best strategy for you to grow your company and hire the best people here in Japan.

If we cannot directly help you we can introduce other more specialized firms.

Real Estate Services

We have a partenering company in our group that is a licensed real estate broker who can offer bi-lingual consultation for our clients and help you find and negotiate the best contract for your office or home.

Real Estate procedures, customs and contracts in Japan are very different to most other countries and it can be a very exhaustive, long and stressful procedure, especially in Tokyo.

We take that stress away and make everything plain and clear for our clients.

We know the best way to utilize serviced offices and can help you find appropriate ones that satisfy the visa or license requirements.

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Business Consulting Services in Japan

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