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Getting Married and Spouse Visa

It is possible to get legally married in Japan even if one or both of you are not Japanese citizens.

The requirements to be eligible for a marriage differ in each country, and you are bound for those of your own country.

When getting married in Japan, it is necessary to prove that you meet the requirements set by the law of your own country. That is why you need to go to the Embassy or Consulate of your country or appropriate government office in your own country to obtain one of the following certificates:

For the citizens of countries that are not listed above, please contact the Embassy or Consulate of your own country.

Once you get this certificate, you need to fill out a Registration of Marriage Form (Konin Todoke) which needs to be signed (stamped with hanko) by two witnesses. You can get this form at your local Ward/City Office, and hand it in there along with the above mentioned certificate, your passport, Residence Card, certificate of Family Registry (Koseki tohon) for Japanese nationals, and all the other documents they might ask.

You can then get a certificate or declaration of marriage (Konin Todoke Juri Shomei-sho), if you need to declare it to your country's Embassy or Consulate. This document as well as a Marriage Certificate issued by the authorities of your country are required if you wish to change your visa status to Spouse of Japanese National, Long Term Resident, Spouse of Permanent Resident, Dependent, etc.

Once you are legally married, you are eligible for:

  • Spouse of Japanese national visa if your spouse is a Japanese national
  • Long term resident visa if your spouse is a long term resident visa holder
  • Spouse of permanent resident visa if your spouse is a permanent resident visa holder
  • Dependent visa if your spouse has a work visa or a student visa

When you apply for one of the visas above, it is necessary to provide among others a marriage certificate issued by the authorities of the both countries and your proof of income or that of your spouse.

Certified as Immigration Lawyers by the Japan Immigration Office, we can help you with obtaining an appropriate visa and with other immigration procedures.

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