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Hiring Foreign Employees

If you intend to employ foreign nationals in Japan, it is necessary to make sure that they legally have the right to work in Japan, as you can be in a lot of trouble employing someone who doesn't have, or is unlikely to obtain an appropriate visa status.

If your future employees already have a visa (status of residence) such as "Permanent Resident" or "Spouse or Child of Japanese National", there is no problem. If they don't have an appropriate working visa (status of residence) yet, they have to get one.

It is necessary in this case to make sure that the job description matches the applicant's educational or professional background as well as to the type of visa (status of residence) they have or are to apply for.

The fact that your future employee already has a working visa (status of residence) such as Specialist in Humanities or Skilled Labor doesn't mean that you can legally continue to employ them.

There are some conditions that the employer must meet, such as the type of business and the financial performance, on top of the requirements that the employee has to satisfy.

Even if his/her education and the work experience satisfy the visa requirements, it may not be renewed if the new job description doesn't match the applicant's background or visa category he/she has, or when the new employer is considered to be financially incapable of employing another staff.

Certified as Immigration Lawyers by the Japan Immigration Office, we can help you with obtaining an appropriate visa and with other immigration procedures.

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