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Testimonials from our clients

Here are some testimonials from our clients. It has been our great pleasure to work for them!

Ms. Majima and team are delightful to work with, have a high communication skill, and are extremely thorough.

I am happy to have gone to June Advisors Group for my visa application and would absolutely consider their services again should the situation arise.

Derin Walters

If you're a fan of deciphering regulations, filling out forms, standing in lines, and then doing it all over again because you've made a big mistake, by all means apply for your Japan visa and residence card on your own.

But if you want to get it right the first time with the least amount of hassle, use June Advisors Group.

Working with June advisors group is one of the smartest decisions I've ever made in my life.

From filling out the forms to helping me figure out what documents I needed, they did all the heavy lifting, when I applied for a work visa and residence card.

Three years later, when it was time to renew my residence card, June Advisors Group took care of everything with the same professionalism and friendliness.

Bill Adler

I highly recommend the exceptional legal services of Yoko Majima.

She exceeded all of my expectations regarding the process of renewing my Business Manager visa.

Thanks to Yoko, I have obtained my visa with grace and ease.

I am grateful for her kindness, care and amazing skill.

Bodhi Kenyon

I'd like to strongly recommend the services of June Advisors Group. I speak and write Japanese and was considering applying for a work visa myself. I researched online, read through the nice materials provided by the Japanese government, and thought I ought to be able to handle the thing myself and save a few bucks in the process. And yet... based on my prior experiences with Japanese bureaucracy, I had a nagging suspicion that somehow I might just forget to submit all the documents in the right order and format, and end up having to go through the process multiple times.

Moreover, I had a few specific questions about some things related to the Certificate of Eligibility and the Highly Skilled Professional visa category. When I searched online, I found that the most complete and intelligible information was on the website of the June Advisors Group, so I got in touch. Ms. Majima answered my questions quickly, accurately, and in flawless English. And, I quickly realized that working with her was a far better way to go than trying to navigate the process on my own.

I'm so glad I did. As she helped me navigate the application process, there were numerous times when I would have either misinterpreted an instruction, failed to submit the proper documentation, or have headed down a wrong path. Moreover, her team translated all the supporting documents into Japanese (required), saving me from a big headache.

While it's certainly possible I could have ended up completing the process successfully, I'm sure that she helped me do it far more quickly and with fewer headaches that I would have encountered on my own - and at a very reasonable price. She has also been extremely professional and pleasant to work with.

Take my advice - if you're looking for an adventure with Japanese government bureaucracy, then wait until AFTER you've successfully gotten your visa with the help of June Advisors Group. Goodness knows there will be plenty of other opportunities to fill out government forms with lower impact on your stay!

Steve Pollock

Over the years, both in Japan and the United States, I have had occasion to turn to any number of knowledgeable lawyers, experts and consultants for advice. It didn’t take long after contacting Yoko Majima to realize that I was dealing with one of the best.

It very quickly became clear that not only was Ms. Majima an expert in the ins and outs of immigration andits seeming myriad of rules and legal requirements, but that she also possessed an innate kindness that gave her a natural talent for interacting with people. When I wrote to her explaining the nature of my residence-status related problem, her reply was thorough and to the point as she laid out in impeccable English exactly what I needed to know. Moreover, her manner of expression as it has in all her communications made me feel that she was truly desirous of helping me solve my problem.

The combination of her expertise, attitude, and clarity of expression, plus her multicultural linguistic abilities, ranks Ms. Majima as a truly rare professional. I consider myself fortunate to have had the advantage of her services. She’s a rare find that I will not hesitate to recommend to others.

John McCaleb

If you are looking for the best immigration and visa service in Tokyo then look no further. Majima-san was and is still very helpful and professional. She is truly one of the very few people that will go out of her way to help her clients be successful in business as well as with their immigration and visa needs.

I’ve been in Japan since early 2007 and I’ve had back to back 3-year working visas with mid and large size multinational companies but when it came time to renew my visa myself with a newly launched company I started in the US from Japan with minimal financial backing I didn’t think it was going to be possible. That was until I met and discussed my case with Majima-san. She was able to provide me with a clear understanding of the process, helped me set expectations, and she was even their throughout and after the process was complete.

I have and will definitely continue recommending Majima-san to my friends, family, and everyone else that will listen.

Thanks again,

Charles Green
CEO, SimplyCubed, LLC

As an ex pat in Japan, the most daunting thing about living abroad is when the time comes around to apply for a visa.

This is where Yoko Majima excels. Nothing is a problem. Everything has a solution. She takes everything in her stride and gives a professional and knowledgable service to all her clients.

Life in Japan is easier when you know you have someone like Yoko to go to when the visa looms. Thank you Yoko!

Anne Good

Yoko went above and beyond my expectations, which were already high because a friend with exacting standards had introduced her to me. In addition to being a consummate professional-- handling dates, information, complicating factors, and my endless questions flawlessly (and ALL in native English, oh joy!)-- she added an element of warmth and humor to the process that really helped lighten what was sometimes an anxious process.

I can't recommend her highly enough.


I had a little problem with the renewal of my working visa, and I was lucky enough to get in touch with Yoko Majima, whose kindness and deep knowledge of the Japanese regulations helped me to relax and understand what to do.

Yoko explained everything very clearly and prepared the documents that allowed me to get a three years visa. I am sure that I would not have been able to get it without her help and advice. Thank you very much, Yoko.


I am pleased to recommend the services of Yoko Majima. The predominant notes of her flawless legal services have been clarity in the preliminary explanation, perfect communication skills, permanent availability, technical knowledge and fervent dedication. Being a lawyer myself, I know that these are the most important aspects of a fully satisfactory advice.

Nick Dangerfield

I first came accross Yoko Majima's web site through a Google Search. [Ever since then, its been love at first site!] Yoko took care of all the documents I required and I successfully received my 3 year working visa for a very reasonable fee. Thanks Yoko!

Nick Kovac,
President & CEO Targetcast, Inc.

Lorsque nous avons decide d'expatrier un ingenieur au japon chez l'un de nos clients, nous ne savions pas par quoi commencer pour obtenir un visa de travail. A vrai dire, nous n'avions aucune idee sur l'ampleur de la tache...nous savions en revanche que nous aurions besoin d'aide.

Il faut avouer que nous avons eu beaucoup de chance de trouver par hasard -magie de l'Internet- le Site de Yoko Majima.

Tres rapidement et a la vue de la qualite de nos echanges, nous avions compris qu'obtenir ce visa n'etait pas une probabilite mais une certitude.

Les resultats de notre collaboration sont alles au-dela de ce que nous attendions.

Outre l'obtention d'un visa de 3 ans, Yoko Majima-nous a beaucoup facilite l'organisation logistique de l'expatriation de notre collaborateur. Elle nous a donne des informations precieuses sur le logement, le transport et meme sur les cours de langue japonaise.

Aussi, je profite de cet espace pour la remercier nouvelle fois de son aide. De fait, je la recommande vivement a toute personne ayant besoin d'une aide administrative ou juridique.

Marc-Alexandre Cartiant

Yoko is very professional, efficient and knowledgeable. She's excellent at explaining the ins and outs of Japanese bureaucracy and working to get what you need. In my particular case, I even got a better category visa than I was expecting to get. I doubt that would have happened had I attempted to go through the process myself without a lawyer.

I met Majima San through a friend who used her services too. He recommended me to contact her to renew my working visa, as I was changing sponsorship. Since the first meeting I felt comfortable talking to her, and she explained me the process and requisites very well. She managed to gather the information she needed from the many documents I provided, and translated from Spanish, which was a very helpful thing. She was also very patient with me, as I was very worried about the whole process.

She always contact me if something came up, and answer my questions very kindly and throughfully. I knew I could count on her from the first moment and she has being a great help to stay in Japan.

I would recommend Majima San to anyone who wants to smooth the immigration process, to save money and time.

Moreover, I will also use her services for setting business in Japan, as her diligence, hard work, and openess has encourage me to keep using her services.

Thank you Yoko!


Grand merci a Yoko grace a qui j'ai pu obtenir des informations legales pertinentes sur la creation d'un bureau de representation au Japon. Yoko a fait preuve d'une grande efficacite, de professionnalisme et de perseverance pour la redaction et le suivi de mon dossier de demande de visa.

Pour des raisons familiales, j'ai du precipitamment quitter le Japon alors que mon visa etait en cours de renouvellement, le precedent ayant expire, le suivant n'etant pas encore arrive.

Ainsi j'ai perdu mon visa de travail que j'ai du redemander depuis la France.

C'est a cette occasion que j'ai rencontre Yoko Majima. Elle a fait un travail formidable en depit de la complexite de mon dossier (free lance aux activites multiples et a la frontiere de plusieurs types de visas differents).

C'est une conseillere tres claire, d'une fiabilite et d'une efficacite absolues, je suis tres tres satisfaite de son travail. A Tokyo, il y a beaucoup de conseillers juridiques qui s'occupent de l'obtention des visas, mais contrairement a ce qu'ils pretendent ils parlent souvent tres peu l'anglais, et le staff qui repond au telephone, ne parle souvent que Japonais. Etant parfaitement tri-lingue (japonais, anglais, francais) a l'oral comme a l'ecrit, Yoko Majima en est d'autant plus precieuse !


Not knowing where to begin in terms of changing my student visa into a work visa, I was really worried that I would miss a detail or fail to hand in all of the right information to immigration. As the expiration on my student visa loomed closer and closer, and the company I was working for failed to offer me sponsorship, my worry increased, but I was still unsure about what to do to begin the process. Shortly after that, I was introduced to Majima Sensei by a friend. Upon speaking with her, I immediately knew I wanted to use her services, and from that point on things went incredibly smoothly.

Not only does she have a deep knowledge of the system, and a great amount of experience, she also has a soothing, calm approach to handling all of the work that goes into getting a visa. It can be a stressful process, but I felt at ease knowing that if I had any questions or if anything came up, I could turn to Majima Sensei.

Whenever she received information or had contact with the people at immigration, she informed me. I felt fully aware of the process and what the current status was, which helped me through the long waiting period a great deal.

In the end, I received my visa with no problems and because of Majima Sensei's diligence, it was actually a pleasant process. I would recommend her service to anyone.


To whom it may concern,
Yoko Majima san has proved to be an awesome find for me.

Her flawless English, consummate professionalism and propensity for going beyond the call of duty to make Japanese legal procedures simple to comprehend for an untutored foreigner trying to do business in Japan have proved to be indispensable.

Combined with her comprehensive knowledge of Japanese business and immigration law and her multi-lingual skills she is a great asset to any company. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services to anyone, I only wish I'd found her earlier.

Kind regards

Mitch Large

J'ai eu l'occasion de rencontrer Majima-san lors de mes investigations de creation d'une structure francaise sur le sol japonais, ainsi que sur l'obtention d'un visa de travail via celle-ci.

Premier contact par e-mail (gratuit) extremement clair et concis, deuxieme contact direct, complet et tres professionnel. J'ai pu rassembler rapidement toutes les informations necessaires concernant la creation d'une entreprise francaise au Japon, et ai beneficie de reponses promptes et de conseils concrets vis-a-vis des avantages et des inconvenients de chacune des structures qui me permettraient d'obtenir le visa approprie.

Pourquoi courir a l'Ambassade, a la Mission Economique, a l'Immigration Office, faire tous les cabinets de conseils juridiques et rencontrer des avocats ou autres administrations de soutien, quand on peut faire appel a Majima-san pour s'occuper de son cas personnellement en anglais et francais pour un cout moins eleve que la concurrence?

Je conseille donc fortement a tous l'utilisation de ses services, dans un pur obectif de gain de temps et d'efficacite! ありがとうございました!

Nicolas PUJOL

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