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First Step: Preliminary Assessment

If you are interested in using our services and would like to know more details, please contact us by using the inquiry form.
It will be helpful if you can describe your situation and your projects in detail so that we can determine what options or solutions are available to you and see how we can help you (please note, however, that we do have a word limit on our inquiry form so please be concise at the same time).

Those who are not considering the use of our services are advised to consult the relevant government offices directly.

Please note that:

  • We may not answer your inquiry if the answer is already available on our website, if the questions are not specific or if there is nothing we can do for you.
  • We will not be able to answer any inquiries that are outside our area of expertise. We may suggest other specialists if we know any.
  • We will not pursue the dialogue when you, your personal situation, or your company/business do not satisfy the requirements (especially for the visa application), or if we have reasons to believe that it may not be a good business match for us to support your case.

It is important for us to be able to fully understand your case and needs through this preliminary assessment in order to give you appropriate advice and offer a service that suits you best.

Second Step: Service Offer and Agreement

After some exchanges through email and once we have a good understanding of your situation / needs, we will send you an offer of our services including the estimate, terms and conditions as well as the description of the procedures. We can also schedule a call and / or meeting to discuss further if you wish to do so before making a decision to proceed or not.

We will let you know in advance if there is any fee for the call / face-to-face consultation. In any case, the fee for the first scheduled call / face-to-face consultation will be deducted from our service fee if you decide to proceed and use our services.

After reviewing our service offer and estimate, you are free to choose not to pursue any further. We will not charge any fee unless you have agreed in advance.

Before scheduling a call or appointment, please send your inquiry using the inquiry form.

Please note that due to increasing number of inquiries, we are currently not accepting any new inquiries by any other methods.

Areas of Our Expertise

Visa & Immigration Support in Japan

Obtaining a Visa is the first step in anyone’s process to move to Japan.

We have helped thousands of people successfully obtain or renew their Japanese Visas.

We are licensed and registered by the Japanese government to consult and assist you with what can be a complicated and stressful procedure regarding your Japanese Visa.

We will give you advice on your visa and status of residence in Japan, and what is the most appropriate course of action for your personal or family case.

We can help you with preparing the documents and, as qualified Immigration Lawyers, we can go to the Immigration Office on your behalf to submit the application (you will not even need to go to Immigration and wait in the endless line).

Company Incorporation Services

In Japan, the way you incorporate a company depends somewhat on the structure of your business and what you intend to do.

All the documentation needs to be done in Japanese and there are many unique procedures and formalities the need to be done to set up a company in Japan, but working with us makes the process smooth and easy.

We will guide you through the process and should you want extra consultation we do offer our business consultation services as well.

After we understand your company's unique situation and what you want to do, we will propose to you the most suitable way and structure for your company's incorporation in Japan.

We can help you with opening offices and establishing companies, branch offices, or corporate divisions in Japan. We will give you advice for all the administrative formalities necessary for the management of your offices and your businesses in Japan.

All our incorporation services are charged based on an up-front, free estimation, that we will send to you in advance. Nothing will be charged until you agree to pay the estimated fee that we propose.

We have incorporated thousands of companies; we have the experience and expertise to set up your company in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Business Consulting Services

>We will be able to introduce you to our partnering companies we regularly work with, covering the following areas:

  • Introducing Accounting, Social Security, Trademark and Real Estate Specialists - we do not handle these services directly but will be able to introduce you to our trusted partners with whom we work on a regular basis.
  • Market Entry & Business Consulting Services
  • Logistic Support for Import and Sales of Alcohol for Your Own Test Marketing Purpose
  • Executive Search & Recruitment Consulting

Terms and Conditions of Service

You can find our Terms and Conditions of Service here:
June Advisors Group Terms and Conditions of Service

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